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With regards to sponsorship towards assisting our 3 young riders & team.
This is to not only to develop their racing skills, but to also give them the opportunity to race at Club & British Superbike level.

Please find attached a video and information about the riders & team and what their vision is for the future.     
Bru Time # 91 - Peter Marsh from Zipped Up Racing - YouTube

Originally known as Zipped Up Racing, we have now rebranded and become R D Racing (Rider Development Racing).

This team was created to help young up & coming riders to develop and progress through the ranks and to assist them with funding to enable them to move on. This proved to be a success previously, with one of our riders being selected to move on to be a fully sponsored team rider for Cigma Racing.

Our other 3 riders have shown enormous potential and have worked hard throughout the last season and have shown a genuine dedication to the sport and 2 of them that are of age are now moving up to BSB.

Jake Marsh – Will be riding at BSB in the GP2 Championship apart of British Supersport 600  Triumph 765

Jack Kirsch – Will be riding at BSB in the Junior super sport.
Kawasaki Ninja 400

Zack Weston - Will be riding in the Bemsee Kawasaki Team Green Junior Cup.
Kawasaki Ninja 400

Depending on the level of sponsorship, we would look to offer extensive publicity, company logo on leathers, bikes, all our social media sites, corporate days including paddocks & track walks with the riders, fun team days & to become involved in a race team who are passionate about helping these young riders.

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