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Our main goal is to minimise your downtime by offering a fast and effective repair service and on going maintenance programs to keep you up and running. We fully understand the importance of minimising downtime; We carry spare parts, a loan compressor and suction unit so we can get you back up and running quickly in the event of a breakdown.

Our techincal team is customer-facing and is able to provide not only repairs but should you require new equipment or quotations they can arrange everything for you at that time, free of charge.

Pressure Vessel Testing

Pressure Vessel Testing

We can complete a PVI (pressure vessel test) on your compressor, providing you with a written scheme and a certificate for CQC.

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum Testing

If you feel your vacuum/suction is not as strong as is used to be then we can offer you a vacuum test. This will involve visiting your practice and connecting our test gauges to your system to check your levels.

We will test the air flow rate and the negative vacuum level. These gauges will also tell us if there is a blockage, a split or broken pipe and if you have lying water in the pipe work which never makes it back to the suction pump.

The test can tell us alot about whats going on in your pipework.

Pipework Design & Layouts

Pipework Design &Layouts

We can design the best solution for your practice with the right size and length pipework run for however many surgeries you have.

We can supply a drawing with spec and dimenisions for pipework.

Central Plant Systems

Central Plant Systems

For large numbers of surgeries or just want a central plant room we can also design the correct equipment and spec for your plant room.

The number of units or surgeries is limitless.

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